Microbiological status of chicken cuts and its products

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1 Faculty of Vet. Med., Benha University, Egypt

2 Department of meat hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University

3 Food HygieneDep.,Animal Health Res., Benha

4 Dept. of Hom Economics, Faculty of Specific Education,Kafer el-sheikh University


A total of 90 random samples of raw ,half cooked(which were exposed to moderate heat treatment) and cooked wings ,breast and thigh were collected from many shops ,supermarkets and restaurant at El-kalyobia governorate .The obtained results indicated that the mean values of Aerobic plat count for raw samples(wings , breast and thigh)were4.0×106±0.3×106,4.5×106±0.5×106,5.7×106±0.4×106,for half cooked were3.6×105±0.2×105,5.1×105±0.2×105, 6.3×105±0.2×105,1.7×104±0.1×104,2.1×104±0.2×104,2.3×104±0.2×104,respectively. Total Enterobacteriaceae counts of raw( wings,breastandthigh)were32.3×105±1.4×105,18.0×105±1.7×105,23.3×10±1.4×105, for half cooked (wings , breast and thigh)were25.6×104±2.3×104,38.7×104±2.0×104,30.7×104±3.01×104 and for cooked wings ,breast and thigh )were23.7×104±1.2×104,34.3×104±2.0×104,17.1×104±1.×104. Total coliforms mean values for raw samples were37.3×102±0.8×102,21.6×102±2.4×102,27.7×102±4.4×102,for halfcookedwere10.3×102±0.8×102,12.3×102±0.8×102,14.0×102±1.2×102,forcooked12.3×102±1.4×102,12.0×102±1.5×102,15.3×102±2.6×102 ,respectively .Incidence of E.coli isolated from raw samples were 20%,10%,30% and for half cooked were10%,10%,20%,respectively.Salmonella isolated only from raw wings with incidence 10% mean values of total staphylococcus aureus for raw (wings ,breast and high) were 21.7×102±2.0×102,24.0×102±5.2×102,25.3×102±4.2×102 ,for half cooked (wings ,breast and thigh) were 47.3×102±2.7×102,41.7×102±2.0×102,50.0×102±3.2×102,and for cookedwings,breast,andthighwere22.3×10±0.9×10,12.3×10±1.5×10,14.7×10±1.2×10.The mean values of Total yeast and mould inrawsampleswings,breastandthighwere60.3×10±2.0×10,41.1×10±2.0×10,52.3×10±2.0×10,for half cooked breast and thigh were20.3×10±1.0×10,41.2×10±1.2×10,respectively.Resultsassociated with the examined samples either raw or cooked were significant at (p ≤ 0.05) .
The half cooked meat samples contamination is more than raw and cooked samples that may be due to contamination of meat itself used in manufacture ,inadequate sanitary condition during processing ,bad handling,dirty equipment, polluted water, contaminated cold stores and temperature fluctuation during storage


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