Detection of starch and hydroxyproline content in some meat products

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Hygiene and Control Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University.

2 Animal Health Research. Institute, Dokki- Giza


This study is for detection some food additives used on manufacturing of some meat products as starch and hydroxyproline. A total of 150 random samples of locally manufactured meat products represented by beef burger, Kofta, Frankfurter, Sausage and Luncheon (30 of each) were collected from different markets in Egypt governorates. The collected samples of beef burger, kofta, frankfurter and sausage were frozen and the weight of each unit was 340 g. while, the luncheon samples were collected as slices (250gm). Each sample was kept in a separate plastic bag and preserved in an ice box then transferred to the laboratory without undue delay. The collected samples were subjected to chemical examination for evaluation of starch content and Hydroxyproline content (%). The mean values of starch content (%) in Beef burger, Kofta, Frankfurter, Sausage and Luncheon were 4.47±0.19, 4.81±0.25, 4.03±0.17, 5.10±0.32 and 5.54±0.36, respectively. Moreover the mean values of Hydroxyproline (%) in Beef burger, Kofta, Frankfurter, Sausage and Luncheon were 0.387 ±0.029, 0.412±0.036, 0.393±0.032, 0.478±0.042 and 0.440±0.039, respectively. The current study revealed that many of meat products under examination were not acceptable to the limits standardized by EOS (2005).


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