Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 2, December 2018 
Assessment of irradiated Staphylococcus aureus isolates as a vaccine

Pages 12-30

Inas M. Gamal; Sawsan M. El-Sonbaty; Hala Mahmoud; Hanaa A. Alam; Noha S. Abdelkhalek

Evaluation of L-carnitine in the treatment of experimentally induced hypomagnesemia in sheep

Pages 31-43

Mahmoud A. Y. Helal; Abdel-Ghany Hefnawy; Seham Y. Abokora; Ahmed S. Koptan

Clinicopathological Study of Phytobiotics

Pages 67-78

Nourhan M. Eraky; Khaled M. Fararh; Ayman S. Farid; Ali M. Ali

Interaction of some plant extracts with some antibiotics against E.coli from chickens

Pages 107-119

Ashraf Abd El- Tawab; Ahmed Ammar; Ahmed Hamouda; Salma S. El-Deen

Interaction of some plant extracts with some antibiotics against Listeria monocytogenes from rabbits

Pages 120-133

Ashraf A. Abd El- Tawab; Ahmed A. Ammar; Ahmed M. Hamouda; Safinaz A. M.Elhawary

Effect of Egg White Hydrolysates on Shelf Life of Soft Cheese

Pages 134-141

Eman A. Nafei; Hend A. Elbarbary; Adham M. Abdou; Hamdi A. Mohamed

Separation the Potent Antibacterial Peptides from Hydrolyzed Hen Egg Lysozyme

Pages 142-149

Dina, A. Awad; Hamdi, A. Mohammed; Adham, M. Abdou; Sobhy, A. El Sohaimy

Potent Antibacterial Peptides from Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Hen Egg White Lysozyme

Pages 150-156

Dina, A. Awad; Hamdi, A. Mohammed; Adham, M. Abdou; Sobhy, A. El Sohaimy

Detection of Some Heavy Metals in Fresh and Salted Fish

Pages 169-177

Amina Elrais; Faten Hassanien; M.A Hassan; H.M. Latif; Dina El-Zahaby

Assessment of some side effects of methotrexate

Pages 178-187

S.A Abdel-Aziz; A. A Said; Suhair A. Abd El-La; Nermin A. Helmy

Detection of starch and hydroxyproline content in some meat products

Pages 195-201

M.S Saad; M.A Hassan; Reham A. Amin; M.A El- Shater,; M.S. Shanab

Metabolic effects of Lactuca sativa extract on experimentally induced Ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Pages 209-218

H. A Abdelmaksoud; M. K Mahfouz; Omnia M. Abd-elhamid; Ahmed I. E. Awadin; Nancy M. H. Salaam

In vivo cloning of plasmids in E. coli is a simpler and faster method for cloning

Pages 219-230

Ahmed Osama; Mohamed Attia; Hatem Bahgat; Ahmed Kassab; Masatake Osawa; Md Nojebuzzaman

Ameliorative Effects of Lycopene against Boldenone Undecylenate Toxicity in Albino Rats

Pages 237-249

H.M Sabra; R.M., El-Shawarby; Abosalem M.; Nabila M. A; S.S. Ibrahim

Aflatoxins B1 and B2 residues in Edible Offals

Pages 250-256

H.M Ibrahim; M. A Hassan; G. S. Elsharkawy

Teratogenic Effect of Meloxicam on Pregnant Rats: Implication of Organogenesis Period

Pages 317-327

A.A Elkomy; Mohammed. S. Abo Salem; Asmaa M. Kandeil; A. Hassan; A.A Elhemiely

A Study on The Teratogenic Effect of Spiramycin in Albino Rats.

Pages 354-363

A.A.A El-Komy; Amany Abd-El-Baky; Heba Abo-el-Ezz,

Brain anatomy and Histology in Teleosts

Pages 446-463

Mona Nasr Abdelnaeim Hussein; Xiaojuan Cao

Effect of Probiotics and Chelated Zinc on E. coli Infected Broilers

Pages 510-525

Laila Abd-El Rhman Shawkat; Khaled Mohammed Fararh; Ayman Samir Fari

Preparation and evaluation of combined vaccine against necrotic enteritis and colibacillosis in chickens and detection of maternal immunity in their progeny

Pages 526-536

Noura M. Khalaf; Hazem M. Ibrahim; Wafaa R. Abdel-Aziz; Alaa A. Elmenisy; Rafik H. Sayed; Fady A. Shasha; Lamees A. El-Tantawy

Effect of the breed on the properties and chemistry of semen in dogs

Pages 578-585

Mohamed Kandiel; Amany EL-Baz; Mona Shaker; Abdelsalam El Azab