Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Some Bacterial Isolates (Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella Oxytoca ) From Chickens

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1 Bacteriology, Immunology and Mycology Dep., Fac. Vet. Med. Benha Univ.

2 Animal Health Research, Benha branch .


The present study was performed on a total of 104 recently dead chickens from Gharbia Governorate that inspected for Enterobacteriaceae from internal organs after clinical and postmortem examination. The results revealed that 95 samples were positive, Escherichia coli (53), where Salmonella.spp. (31), Citrobacter freundii (14), Enterobacter cloacae (6), Klebsiella oxytoca (5), Proteus vulgaris (4) , Acinetobacter lowoffii , Edwardsiella tarda respectively, and Enterobacter gergoviae, Enterobacter pantoe (2) respectively. Amikacin and gentamicin were the highest efficiency antimicrobial agents used in vitro with variation in sensitivity to others except Proteus vulgaris was resist to all. Seven E.coli isolates were serotyped and identified as O1, O6, O125 and O146. PCR results for E.coli showed that tsp < /em>E4c2 and yjaA pathotypic genes( at 152 bp and 211 bp) were detected in all, but only O125 and O146 have chuA gene ( at 279 bp). While hlyA (at 450 bp) was detected in O6, eaeA (at 248bp) and stx1(at 614 bp) gene was detected in 1 strain of (O125), iss gene (at 323 bp) was detected in  another isolate of O125 and stx2 (at 779 bp) was absent in all. All that indicate that E. coli strains isolated were extra-intestinal pathogenic strains. PCR results for 5studied K. oxytoca strains showed that all of them leak iroN ,but all have pehX gene.


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