Aflatoxins B1 and B2 residues in Edible Offals

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Food Hygiene. Faculty of Veterinary. Medicine. Benha University.


In kalyobia governoratea total of 90 random samples of chicken giblets represented by liver, gizzard and heart (30 of each) were purchased from different poultry shops for determination of their concentrations of serious aflatoxins and their validity for human consumption. The obtained results revealed that aflatoxins B1 was detected in liver, gizzard and heart samples at  26.67, 23.33 and  10 %  respectively with mean concentration of 27.03 ± 3.65 µg/kg, 18.54 ± 3.65 µg/kg and 7.98 ± 1.10 µg/kg of AFB1, respectively. AFB2 was detected in liver, gizzard and heart samples at 20,   13.33 and 6.67 % with mean concentration of 13.62 ± 1.94 µg/kg, 9.94 ± 1.25 µg/kg and 4.79 ± 0.81 µg/kg of AFB2, respectively, with high significant differences between examined giblets. Liver samples showed the highest levels of AFB1and AFB2, followed by gizzard samples, while the heart samples recorded the lower levels in comparison with previous two giblets.


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