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Histological and immunohistochemical studies of the adrenal cortex in she-camel with special reference to age variation

Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023, Pages 32-39

sherin abdallah elfky; Ehab Mahmoud Elzoghby; Hossam fouad attia; Mahmoud Abdelghaffar Emam

Physiochemical assessment of retailed meat

Volume 41, Issue 1, October 2021, Pages 128-131

Tereza Hosny Amin

First record of C.cerealis from Camel meat lesions in Egypt.

Volume 37, Issue 1, September 2019, Pages 161-164

Ashraf Awad Abd El-Tawab; Amira Mohamed Rizk; Azza Said Goda; Amani Ahmed Hafez; shimaa Mohammed hegazey

Histomorphometry of Dromedary Camel Epididymis and its Correlation with Spermatozoa Characteristics during their Epididymal Transport

Volume 35, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 1-11

Dina Rashad; Mohamed Kandiel; Mohsen Agag; Ahmed El-Khawagah; Karima Mahmoud; Y.F Ahmed; mahmoud Abou El-Roos; Gamal Sosa

Pasteurella multocida in camels: incidence, capsular and virulence genes characterization

Volume 31, Issue 2, December 2016, Pages 171-175

Ashraf A. Abd El Tawab; Fatma I. El -Hofy; Attia Al-Jeddawy; Ebtehal Abo-Hamdah

Traceability of enteropathogenic E. coli in cattle and camel carcasses

Volume 31, Issue 1, September 2016, Pages 50-55

Hassan M. A.; Heikal G. I.; Barhoma R. M.