Main Subjects = Aquatic animal diseases and aquaculture
Evaluation of antibacterial properties of Laurencia obtusa and Cystoseira barbata against some bacterial fish pathogens

Volume 46, Issue 1, April 2024, Pages 97-101

Adel Saied Mekhaimar; Amel Mohamed El Asely; Samar Negm; Adel Shaheen

Molecular characterization of Glugea anomala infecting Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus and African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus and its associated pathological changes

Volume 46, Issue 1, April 2024, Pages 102-107

Doaa Yassen; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Karima Mahrous; Khaled Abd El-Razik; Ahmed Tantawy; Amany Abbass

Effects of prebiotics supplementation on Nile tilapia, emphasizing phospholipids aquafeed - A review

Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023, Pages 1-6

Mohamed Ali; Hiam Elabd; Mohsen Azouz; Adel Shaheen; Amel Mohamed El Asely; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Aya Matter; Hadeer Youssuf; Amany Abbass

Impacts of streptococcal infection on Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus in Egyptian farms with special reference to diagnosis and prevention

Volume 44, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 71-78

amira mohamed mahmoud; Eman A. Abdel Gawad; Amel M. El Asely; Hiam Elabd; Aya F. Matter; Hadeer Youssuf; Adel A. Shaheen; Amany A. Abbass

BergapurĀ® prebiotic dietary incorporation modulates growth profiles in Nile tilapia

Volume 42, Issue 2, September 2022, Pages 176-179

Mohamed Ali; Hiam Elabd; Mohsen Azouz; Amany Abbass

A Review of some prebiotics and probiotics supplementation effects on farmed fishes: with special reference to Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)

Volume 40, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 141-145

Mohamed Abdel Gayed; Hiam Elabd; Mohamed Shehabeldin; Adel Shaheen; Amel El-Asely; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Aya Matter; Amany Abbass

Control of some septicemic bacterial infections in Oreochromis niloticus, with special reference to their antimicrobial resistant genes.

Volume 39, Issue 2, December 2020, Pages 40-46

Hadeer Yousef; Amel M El Asely; Eman Abdel Gawad; Amany Abbass; Adel Shaheen

Insight into summer mortality syndrome in farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) associated with bacterial infection.

Volume 39, Issue 1, September 2020, Pages 111-118

Amel M El Asely; Hadeer Youssuf; Eman Abdel Gawad; Hiam Elabd; Aya Matter; Adel Shaheen; Amany Abbass

Toxic effect of combined treatment with cadmium and piroxicam on liver and kidney tissues

Volume 36, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages 272-279

Omayma Abo-Zaid; Hussein Abdelmaksoud; Ahmed Abdeen

Trial for Preparation of Combined Equine Influenza virus, Equine Herpesvirus-1 and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Volume 34, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages 106-116

Mohamed bayoumi; Abdelmoneim Moustafa; Nashwa Madkour; Abdelfattah Selim; Wafaa Abdelazez