Assessment of some food poisoning bacteria in ready-to-eat meals

Document Type : Original Article


1 Meat hygiene , veterinary,

2 Food Control Department, (Meat Hygiene), Fac. Vet. Med. Benha University

3 Animal Health research institute, Shebin El koom branch


A total of 100 random of ready to eat Shish tawook, Chicken fajitas, Beef fajitas and Hotdog (25 of each) were collected from different restaurants in Menoufia governorate. The obtained results revealed that the mean values of aerobic plate count (cfu/g) were 1.37×106±1.74×106 in Shish tawook, 3.24×106±3.69×106 in Chicken fajitas, 1.48×105±1.92×105 in Beef fajitas and 1.94×105±2.65×105 in Hotdog. The mean values of coliform count (cfu/g) were 4.54×104±8.66×104, 9.33×104±1.49×105, 2.42×104±1.82×104 and 1.63×104±2.64×104 in Shish tawook, Chicken fajitas, Beef fajitas and Hotdog, respectively. Also, these values of Staph.aureus count (cfu/g) were 6.33×103±7.06×103, 1.60×104±1.13×104, 1.91×104±1.28×104 and 1.18×104±8.91×103 in the same products. The highest incidences of Staph.aureus, E.coli and Bacillus cereus were 40%, 32% and 28% in Chicken fajitas respectively. The incidences of Clostridium perfringens were higher in Shish tawook (24%) and chicken fajitas (24%). In Findings of multiplex PCR of Bacillus cereus showed that the nhe (nonhemolytic enterotoxin) and CytK (cytotoxin K) genes were positive for all isolated strains yielded a consistent fragment at 766 bp and 421bp, respectively.


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