Volume & Issue: Volume 37, Issue 2, December 2019 
Assessment of pulmonary function test, acute phase proteins, cytokines and electrocardiographic changes in naturally occurring bovine respiratory disease of feedlot cattle calves

Pages 1-5

mohammed anwar ramadan; Yassen mahmoud Abdel-Raoof; mohamed moselhy zeineldin; Hossam Eldin mohamed El Attar; abdelghany hefnawy abdelghany; Mohamed mohamedy Ghanem

Isolation and genetic analysis of BoHV-1 gC gene isolated from animals suffering respiratory disease in Dakahlia, Egypt 2018

Pages 23-27

Asmaa Mounier Elashmawy; Saad Sharawi Ali; ayman said El-Habbaa; Iman Mohamed Bastawecy

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Campylobacter isolated from poultry

Pages 33-36

wedad Ahmed; Ashraf Awad Abd El-Tawab; Fatma Elhofy; Helmut Hotzel; Mona Sobhy

Bacteriological evaluation of raw Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Pages 37-41

Rabab Rawash; Saad Saad; Fatin Said Hassanin; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Ahmed Maarouf

Assessment of Bacterial Evaluation of imported Frozen Meat.

Pages 42-45

Mohamed Hafez; Hemmat Ibrahim; Reham Amin

Mycological assessment of quail meat in Menufia governorate ,Egypt .

Pages 46-49

Rania Ramadan; Faten Hasaneen; Amani Salem; Dina El- Zahaby; Rania Ibrahim

Assessment of Histamine Residues in Smoked and Salted fish

Pages 50-52

Naglaa Sakr; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Fahim Shaltout; Nabila Elsheikh

Antibacterial Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Fresh Meat

Pages 53-56

Elsaid Saafan; Reham Amin; Nesreen Eleiwa; Mohamed El-Shater

Comparative Analysis of Histamine Levels of Common Farm Fishes

Pages 57-58

Mai Fouad Elsherief; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Engy Fawzy Elbahy

The effect of thyme (thymus vulgaris) extract on Escherichia coli in diarrheic calves with study of its immunological effect.

Pages 72-76

Fatma Elhofy; Ashraf Awad Abd El-Tawab; wael mohammed wafa; Yasmeen Mamdouh Abd EL-Baset Bedawy